Olive oil cultivation

Our olive oil is grown exclusively at the finca bon temps in the east of the principal island of the Baleares.

They are harvested by hand, which allows us to produce an exceptionally good quality oil.

We harvest our olives very early in the season. This is far superior to the usual method, where the olives need to be more mature to accommodate the harvesting machinery. It’s almost no time from the tree into our own mill on the property of the finca and the all important pressing process. During this short distance we avoid bruising or squashing of the olives by using special containers with limited quantities. The initial press provides the finest quality result.

The pressed oil is stored in barrels for a couple of months in a controlled atmosphere, to give any sediment a chance to settle and the subtle yet distinctive taste of our oils to develop.

The storage process and our handling methods, as well as the transfer of the oil from barrel to bottle is handled and controlled according to the government’s inspector of foods.

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