Olive Oil Quality

Proven quality

Laboratory testing is an essential step in determining the level of an olive oil’s quality.

Only after laboratory testing is it possible to measure the level of free fatty acid in an oil, as well as it’s Peroxide and acidity values. Then, and only then is it tested by eight independent examiners who judge the sensory character of the olive oil.

All three of our olive oils have passed strenuous tests at the Fresenius-Institut SGS in Hamburg and have been rated exellent. They have been awarded the status of extra virgin olive oil, according to EU-Regulation 2568/91.

The result of the harvested Olives from 2017 pressed to bon-temps Olive-Oil is really good..

Our 100% Arbequina olive oil has an acidity of 0,13 the Hojiblanca-result is 0,13 the Picual –result is 0,12 and the Cuvée has an acidity of 0,13. All products are designated faultless.

Arbequina and Picual were rewarded with a gold medal and the Cuve received a silver medal The Cuve missed gold by one point. It got 4 of 5 points for the taste. We design the Cuve because of the taste, but taste is something with individual preferences. All analysis values of our products were tested excellent.

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