Olive Oil

Our Olive Oil

There are four olive oils produced by Finca bon temps:

  • 100% Arbequina olive oil ( with the yellow dot on the label.)
  • 100% Picual olive oil ( with the red dot on the label )
  • A Cuvée blend of 40% Arbequina, 40% Hojiblanca und 20% Picual Olives. ( with the white dot on the label )

Arbequina olives produce a fruity, yet piquant taste. It is mild, much like fruit, with a slightly bitter or sharp taste, however neither is in any way dominant. This is a more balanced and harmonious taste. Here is the aroma of fresh fruit, a slight scent of green apples, herbs and flowers, sweet and mild with a modest peppery taste at the finish.

The Cuvée has a more distinctive taste altogether recalling the taste of traditional Mediterranean flavours. Here is a stronger, spicier taste. Hojiblanca is mild and sweet, whereas Picual has a more bitter fruit taste and has more zest. It is not in anyway pungent but it does recall the taste of bitter fruit, apples and almonds. The fruity character of the Cuvée is accompanied by the aroma of fresh mown grass and is complimented by a touch of fennel. It has a long lasting taste with a light bitter finish.

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